Walk 15® Master Level Certification Course

Gain a deeper understand of the Walk 15® program, and the business of being an Instructor!

Walk 15® classes are for EVERYBODY! All ages...all fitness levels can get the healthy benefits from this easy-to-follow program.  It's based on four basic steps, and is fueled by positive music to keep you at the speed you need for serious fat-burning!

Whether you want to get your family moving a couple times a week; or lead classes at your gym, work, school, church or anywhere in your community... getting your Walk 15® Instructor Certification gives you with the tools you need to WALK yourself happy, strong, and fit...and help others do the same!

Course Curriculum

Business Manual: Certified Walk 15 Instructor Business Manual
Business Manual: What Will the Class Offer?
Business Manual: Rental Options
Business Manual: How To Generate Revenue
Business Manual: Walking Toward a Brighter Future
Written Exam
Practice Video

What's included?

1 Video
57 Texts
6 Audios
1 Download

About the instructor

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